We use Submittable, go to the ‘How to Enter’ tab and follow instructions. You will be asked to set up a Submittable account.

You will then be asked how many poems you would like to submit and you’ll be asked for payment: one poem is £7, then it is £4 for each additional poem. AONB ‘Best Poem of Landscape’ is free to enter if you’ve already paid to submit one poem to the Ginkgo Prize.

After payment and registration you’ll be emailed a link to submit your first poem. You will then be sent a follow-up email, confirming that we’ve received your poem. In this email there will be a link for you to submit another poem (if you’ve paid for multiple entries). If you’d just like to submit one poem then simply ignore this email.

AONB Prize: a link to submit a poem for ‘Best Poem of Landscape,’ will appear in the follow-up email to your initial submission. Simply click the link and follow instructions to enter this Prize for free, if you feel that your poem fits this criterion.

Each poem needs to be submitted individually, so you will keep receiving the follow up email with a submissions link until you’ve submitted all of your poems.

If you’re having trouble submitting your poem/poems please contact: support@submittable.com. And if you’re unclear about any of the prize’s terms and conditions please contact: jaz@ginkgoprize.com.