Andrew asks if spiritistically is a word
it is now I say
how do you spell it he says
and we sound out the letters together
him way ahead of me
written down they’re ghosts
of the evening primrose
throwing up its arms behind us
says the sign and we lean in
to yellow like thunderbugs
drinking from wilting cups
spiritistically we are yellow
and black when they are the same
night and day – me and Andrew
his words I want to save
and the flowers I can’t
and it’s okay
what does kill or cure mean he says

Linda France lives in Northumberland. She has published eight poetry collections, including The Toast of the Kit-Cat Club (Bloodaxe 2005) and Reading the Flowers (Arc 2016). She edited Sixty Women Poets (Bloodaxe 1993) and won the 2013 National Poetry Competition.