We make birds here. Crows, ducks, owls,
gulls: feathers glued to papier mâché wings,
legs fashioned with matchsticks. We carve
seeds from plastic, beat metal until it turns
to trees. We cast fossils. We tint skies with
water-colour and stoke the smoke of clouds.
We add salt to vats of sea, and stir. We forge
rats, foxes, cows, wolves, worms – winding
the cogs of their mechanisms tightly, for luck.
We bake summers in a kiln and chill winters
inside a walk-in fridge. We can synthesise
night with the flick of a switch. Close your
eyes, spread out your hands like stars:
and look, we have hammered you a moon.

Sarah Doyle is co-author of Dreaming Spheres (PS Publishing, 2014), and is the Pre-Raphaelite Society’s Poet-in-Residence. She holds a Creative Writing MA from UL Royal Holloway, has been widely placed and published, and was highly commended in the Best Single Poem category of the Forward Prizes for Poetry 2018.