How beautiful some things are
when slowed
right down —
bulbs exploding,
a storm erupting from thin air,

or how the world keeps on then turning
in its sleep below

a hurricane’s brute eye cycling.
And still we see only

mechanisms here
or patterns in the sky
that amount
to cold logic —

how heat plus wind gives birth to rain

how everything is simply
ordered chaos ripe

for harvesting. But not everything

that shifts through us
is scripted physics,

not all that’s set in motion
can be stalled. Take how
a sea-hawk tries to halt

mid-dive then keeps
on falling
right through the sky towards

or how
extinction works
the way light disintegrates

from a television screen.

But then I think there could
be beauty
in this too,

some grace
in our unravelling. No smoke signals,

no hullabaloo. Just another animal
pressed to mute

as a planet learns to pick off
from its skin old scabs.

Dom Bury is a devotee to this miraculous earth in this time of planetary transfiguration.

He has been published in magazines and anthologies including: Poetry Review, Poetry London, Poetry Ireland, Poetry Wales, Magma, Best British Poetry, Staying Human: new poems for Staying Alive (Bloodaxe Books, 2020), and 100 Poems to Save The World (Seren 2021)

He has received an Eric Gregory Award, a Jerwood/Arvon Mentorship, has won The National Poetry Competition, The Magma Poetry Prize, 2nd Prize in The Resurgence Ecopoetry Competition.

His first collection of poems Rite of Passage was published by Bloodaxe in April 2021.